Shot Time shot glasses calculate the exact amount of liquor consumed over time using a highly accurate internal weight sensor. It then stores and displays the total until reset. All you have to do is do what you do best: drink, and it will do the rest!

Shot Time Gif

Drinking competitions, mixed drinks, rough mornings, and perfect pregames, Shot Time brings the future of technology to the beautiful simplicity of drinking.

Absolute Accuracy

Calculates to the nearest 0.1 oz using its extremely sensitive built-in weight sensor to ensure the most accurate reading possible.

LCD Display

A large clear LCD screen is built right in to display the amount consumed at all times. No outside technology is required to see your total.

High-Quality Build

Lightweight, compact parts and solid design give it both the highest quality look and feel.

Classic Shape

Modeled to be as close as possible to the universal classic shot glass’s size and shape we’ve all grown to love.

Batteries Included

Built and programmed with frequent use and longevity in mind making for extremely long battery life.

Shot Time is built to be as simple as possible; no confusing set-up, and no extras. Just take it out of the package, turn it on, and it’s ready to go.

1) Pour your shot as normal. From there, the internal weight sensor will automatically weigh the amount.
2) Drink it as you’ve done so many times in the past, and again the weight sensor will automatically weigh the changed amount.
3) Shot Time will calculate with absolute precision the number of ounces (to the nearest .1 oz.) consumed and add it to the stored total.

As each ounce is consumed, the number on the LCD screen will go up and let you know where you’re at. Built with an extremely long battery life, the number will stay stored until reset. Passed out? No problem. Check your number in the morning and you can be ashamed (or proud) of how much you managed to drink.