Made by a drinker for drinkers, Shot Time was inspired by a dispute between a group of college friends on who could drink the most. Everyone had their claim as the top drinker in the group. Countless contests were had, with the measuring done every which way. But they all ended the same way, with people claiming skewed results and with too many variables to keep track of. This is how Shot Time was born. It had to be accurate; it had to be completely fair, and it had to remove any chance of cheating or lost results in the blackouts that were to follow.

The idea of an electronic shot glass with an internal weight sensor and LCD screen slowly came to life. After countless designs, prototypes, and testing for any human error possible, we finally perfected the idea. It sounds a little extreme for a simple bet between friends, but it had to be done.

Though what may have started as a way to settle a dispute between friends Shot Time had grown to be a necessary in our everyday drinking lives. When we weren’t all competing to hit 99 we were able to keep track of how fast we were drinking over a night, keep a steady pace with a perfect buzz to not go over the edge, find the perfect amount before going out, and of course able to see in the mornings how much we did drink the night before. Releasing it on a global scale we hope many fellow drinkers will benefit from the technology and use it to its full potential.

Product Summary:

Shot Time is the first ever “smart shot glass”. By implementing the newest improvements in technology Shot Time uses an internal highly accurate weight sensor to calculate the exact amount of liquor consumed over time (to the nearest .1oz). It then stores, adds and displays the total on a built in LCD screen until reset.

  • Preprogrammed with absolutely no setup required
  • Batteries included
  • Three colors: black, white, and pink
  • High-quality glass design

How it Works:

Shot Time is built to be as simple as possible; no confusing set-up, and no extras. Just take it out of the package, turn it on, and it’s ready to go.

1) Pour a shot. From there, the internal weight sensor will automatically weigh the amount.
2) Once consumed the weight sensor will automatically weigh the changed amount.
3) Shot Time will calculate with absolute precision the number of ounces (to the nearest .1oz) consumed and it add it to the stored total.

As each ounce is consumed, the number on the LCD screen will go up and let you know where you’re at. Built with an extremely long battery life, the number will stay stored until reset.

How it Works

Demo Video:

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